June 1st, 2015 – Ben Smith received a telephone call from a collection agency asking when they could expect a $1500 payment on a delinquent credit card balance. Ben never owned that card. The following week a utility company calls to notify Ben that his utility bills were past do. But Ben has only one apartment. Someone had used Ben’s identity to open new utility accounts in his name.

Has this happened to you?

Bank accounts can be drained, medical treatment given to a stranger using your own health insurance. An identity theft can even file a tax refund in your name and get a refund.

Top indicators that your identity has been stolen

  1. A vendor of yours sends you a notice confirming your recent purchase (that you did not make)
  2. You discover that the IRS shows you as having more than one job at employer(s) you have never worked for.
  3. You learn for the first time that your health insurance has diabetes listed as one of your pre-existing conditions.
  4. Your medical claim has been rejected b/c according to your records you have already received treatment.
  5. You’re racking up medical bills.
  6. Collection agencies have been calling you about bills that you cannot explain.
  7. The grocery store won’t accept your checks.
  8. You receive some but not all of your bills in the mail.
  9. Bank records reveal withdrawals you cannot recall.

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